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6 Reasons why an adventure tour with Cape York Motorcycle Adventures is the Perfect Escape

  1. Iconic Cape York.

Cape York is located in Far North Queensland, Australia, it’s an awe-inspiring region known for its unique wilderness and stunning scenery. It features amazing wildlife, lush rainforest, rocky mountains and breathtaking coastal views and sensational sunsets, the area offers so many incredible experiences for both nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. It has a rugged outback atmosphere that celebrates the true Aussie spirit, Cape York is an unforgettable adventure that delivers lifelong memories.

  1. Get Off-Road on a Motorcycle.

Is there anything better than an off-road riding adventure experience to provide an exciting challenge? We think not, with its unpredictable terrain in the bush, riding up sand dunes or navigating twisty forest trails, and crossing multiple creek crossings there’s plenty of thrills and spills to be had. It’s an opportunity to test your skill and experience the ultimate rush or give your mates something to make wisecracks about for the next 12 months.

Embark on an off-road adventure with Cape York Motorcycle Adventures and get ready to ride through some of the most spectacular landscapes that allow you to be fully submerged in nature. There’s just something special about taking on uncharted roads and conquering seemingly impassable obstacles to take your mind off your routine and give you a whole new perspective.

Get ready for an unbeatable ride and make memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. The nights.

Camping creates the perfect opportunity to have access to all of nature’s wonders; stunning sunsets, stargazing, and of course the camp chair races and discussions about the days ride will come up for entertainment, before the quiet stare into the campfire lulls everyone into quiet contemplation.  Plus, with all the activities available such as swimming, hiking, and fishing we find that the camping experience bonds the team more closely.

However, we are aware that the outdoor life might not suit everyone so there is the option to be accommodated with hot showers and comfortable beds at the roadhouses and guesthouses along the way. They each have the most interesting of characters to meet.

  1. Explore Indigenous Culture.

Exploring the Aboriginal culture of Australia is a great way to learn and experience the local customs, traditions, stories and art. We visit traditional communities where you can gain greater insight into their history and values and a more intimate understanding of the true spirit of this land.


  1. See Unique Wildlife

As you traverse the rugged trails, be sure to keep your eyes open for the diverse and unique wildlife that call Australia home. You might see wallabies and kangaroos, the cassowary and an incredible variety of bird life, Green tree frogs, Crocodiles and other reptiles to name a few. There is always something new to discover! Keep your cameras handy so you can capture these precious moments when you get up close and personal with our native critters.

  1. Enjoy Local Cuisine

Nothing beats hearty, Australian campfire cooking! Enjoy an evening around the bonfire and taste unbeatable recipes like Roy’s Crazy Damper or Crazy Roy’s Damper, we’re not sure which, amazing local steaks and if you catch it we’ll cook it barramundi! A local favorite that can be cooked in a camp oven or simply over an open flame. Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, pride ourselves on preparing some of the best campfire meals in Australia – and make sure to save room for dessert!

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