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Our commitment to sustainability gives us unique access to National Parks, private properties, secluded swimming holes, secret fishing spots and so much more. We go where others can't.

Cape York Peninsula is hub for most of our dirtbike adventure tours. It’s described as ‘the last of the great wild places on earth’ by The Wilderness Society. We love it! A landscape that is as diverse as the people who live on it. Abundant fishing. Epic dirtbiking. Country hospitality. Real Outback Australia.

We were the world’s first motorcycle tour company to be Eco-Certified in Australia and we have maintained certification since 2006. Our focus is to let our guests experience the wilderness areas of Cape York Peninsula and foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to maintaining ecologically sustainable tourism and have been Eco Certified since 2006.

Cape York Peninsula

Covering an area nearly as big as the state of Victoria, it has characteristics and features that are of global, regional and national significance in respect of all eight natural heritage criteria, making it one of the last “untouched” tropical wildernesses in the world.

This country is as important and rare as the Serengeti, the Congo and the Amazon. The vast natural woodlands, tropical rainforests, pristine rivers, uninhabited beaches, and coral reefs and cays are of global and national significance.

For the motorcyclist, our Cape York trips really are “Australia in 8 days”!

Cape York Peninsula Motorbike Tours

A World Heritage Tropical Wilderness

With an area of around 13.5 million hectares, the Cape York Peninsula has, in effect, a continuous cover of tropical, native vegetation ecosystems. This is important for biodiversity conservation.

It contains three globally significant bio-climatic domains, and a wide range of ecosystems that are well represented and relatively undisturbed by modern technology.

This region also contains many outstanding examples of bio-evolution, the record of life. Fossil locations documented throughout the Peninsula hold important evidence of Australia’s Gondwanic heritage.

Rich With Cultural Heritage, Unique Flora & Fauna

The Traditional Owners of Cape York hold unique connections to Country and have a wealth of ecological knowledge and management expertise vital to its protection. The region exhibits a long and intimate relationship between the Indigenous people and their environment.

Cape York’s pristine streams and rivers have been minimally disturbed by the works of human activity. They contain a diversity of freshwater fish species, which compares internationally with tropical catchments of similar size. The northern rivers have excellent Barramundi, providing both the experienced and novice angler with a unique fishing experience.

Cape York Peninsula is now a recognized landscape entity of global significance. It provides a well-defined and valued visitor experience, revolving around the ‘wild’ natural landscape.

Cape York Peninsula Motorbike Tours

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