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New Red Partnership Signals Greener Horizons for Motorcycle Industry Leader

Not content to rest on their award laurels, Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, who recently took out the Outdoors Queensland Award for Adventure Tourism, has just announced a first of its kind partnership with GASGAS Motorbikes.

Having used Suzuki bikes for their tours for 20 years, the move to a more fuel-efficient, better-riding bike from GASGAS signals yet another innovation from this tourism industry leader.

“We’ve been looking to move away from carburetors to a fuel-injected bike for a while now, but couldn’t find anything that really met our needs. GASGAS is a lot lighter, which means better handling in technical conditions, the suspension is better for the type of riding conditions we do, the handlebars are stronger and the rims a heavier duty, so they can take our tough treatment.

“I also like the wide-ratio gearbox which makes it ideal for the type of riding we expose the bikes to and the availability of a long-range fuel tank, said Director Roy Kunda in explaining why he made the change.

“Being fuel injected, they minimize emissions and maximize fuel economy which is what we look for in our purchases. The EFI and hydraulic clutch make the GASGAS a better, more modern package straight out of the crate, and they’re much easier to work on,” he added.

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures have had former professional rider and now tour guide, Juan Reyes testing the bike for the last six months and he’s really enjoyed the ride.

“The GASGAS is a huge step up from the DRZ, it’s a whole new generation. Obviously the weight is a major difference, the engine response much faster and the suspension feels safer and more capable of bigger bumps and jumps,” Juan explained.

“The new fleet has done its first tour with a cross section of riders with differing skills and riding abilities within the group, and the bikes held together extremely well, showing little wear, so I’m really happy with them, I believe the GASGAS will be with us for the long haul,” Roy said.

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