King of the Cape Book


Ever dreamed of stepping onto a motorcycle and heading into the great unknown?

Ready to tick off a huge ‘Bucket list’ item to see Australia (or the world) on 2 wheels?

While so many people dream about hitting the road the adventure of a lifetime, the sad fact is that most people never do.

The King of The Cape, Roy Kunda has been adventure seeking for over 35 years and has been a professional motorcycle tour guide for 30. The kilometres he’s achieved on a bike equate to 15 times around the world; 41 times around Australia; or 152 times along Route 66

Roy has guided 4000+ riders with various riding abilities from Beginner, through to Motocross experts and Grand Prix winners and Cape York Motorcycles has been a Mecca in Far North Queensland for decades.

In this must-read book for anyone planning an adventure motorcycle riding experience, Roy shares his unparalleled knowledge of the industry so you can have the time of your life and come home safely to tell the tales.

With The King of The Cape on your side, your dream adventure BEGINS today!