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Which tour to choose – 6 or 7 days with Cape York Motorcycle Adventures

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures is an eco-tourism business located in the northern tip of Queensland, Australia. The company offers a range of adventure-based tours that cater to motorcyclists of different riding skills and preferences. These tours enable the riders to experience the beauty and adventure of Cape York as they ride through the picturesque landscapes of Australia’s last frontier.

In this blog post, we will compare and explain the differences between the two top-rated tours offered by Cape York Motorcycle Adventures – the 6-day Bucket List Tour, and the 7-day Adventure Bike Return. So, let’s dive in!

Cape York 6-day Bucket List Tour

The 6-day Bucket List Tour is an adventure-packed tour for seasoned riders who crave an adrenaline rush. This tour takes the riders through the rugged and harsh terrains of the Cape York Peninsula. During the tour, the riders will cross challenging paths, flowing rivers, and some of the wildest tracks in Australia. The tour also provides the riders with an opportunity to get a close-up of traditional culture.

The 6-day Bucket List tour provides the rider with a GasGas 350 motorcycle, the ideal off-road bike to explore the rugged dirt tracks and handle the challenging terrain. A fully-equipped Isuzu Truck to cater to man and machine for the ultimate bucket list experience. The tour also provides catered camping with meals included, to keep the riders comfortable while they take on the challenge. The camping experience brings the riders closer to the Australian wilderness.

This is an impressive tour for both skilled and novice riders who want to improve their riding abilities while enjoying the beauty of Cape York. The tour spans six days and is designed for a maximum of 15 riders who want to experience adventure in a tailored setting. During the tour, the riders will be taken through challenging tracks while learning new riding skills.

7-day Adventure Bike Return

The 7-day Adventure Bike Return Tour is tailored for riders who prefer to explore Cape York as they trail through the iconic sites while taking it a bit easier. The tour covers diverse terrains of the Cape York region and is designed for intermediate riders. The tour provides riders an opportunity to experience Cape York’s culture and traditions, explore the savannah grasslands and national parks.

The Adventure Bike Return Tour provides riders with larger adventure bikes like the CFMOTO 800 MT to ensure they’re comfortable while exploring Cape York’s iconic sites. The tour is fully accommodated at hotels and lodges. Riders will enjoy hot showers and comfortable beds after a long day of exploring.

In conclusion, Cape York Motorcycle Adventures offers adventure-based tours ranging from the 6-day Bucket List tour to the comfortable 7-day Adventure Bike return tour. These tours cater to different riding skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a skilled or novice rider, Cape York Motorcycle Adventures has a tour for you. You’ll get an opportunity to experience what Cape York has to offer, from rugged terrains and challenging tracks to iconic sites and cultural experiences. So, pack your bags, and let’s ride!

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